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Is fair trade none of your business? Of course, it is!


Global trade is not a bad idea at all. Without that we couldn’t enjoy chocolate, coffee, mango, papaya, etc or we couldn’t be pretty in beautiful clothes or staying young without cremes extracted from exotic plants. We just love these products, we insist on them, we demand more and more of them. But who pays the price?

The conventional international trade takes efficiency at all costs. The lowest price and the highest profit are the only points not taking into consideration of the social, economical and environmental impacts. That is the reason why they make millions of people (men, women and young CHILDREN) work for some cents a day. That money can cover the price of some bread which is barely enough to survive.

There is an organization which makes great efforts to change this, to make our world fair and sustainable. WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) is the collectors of  such fair traders as producers, marketers, wholesalers, retailers. They are the guardian of Fair Trade values.

It is a global mov051217_1802_2.jpgement. It began in the USA in 1946 but the first shop was opened in 1958. In Europe the UK was the first when Oxfam started to sell Chinese crafts (made by migrants) in the 50s. A Dutch organization selling cane sugar sent an awareness-rising message to people:

’By buying cane sugar you give people in poor countries a place in the sun of prosperity.’

In 1969 the first Third World Shop was opened. In 1988 a Dutch coffee company got in touch with smallholder coffee farmers in Mexico. Their product was the first which hit the shelves with a special coffeelabel. A special label that ensures you that everyone who has worked with that product has been paid reasonably. The organization has tangible results: more than 1.65 million workers are employed in fairtrade certified organizations in 74 countries.

So, if you slurp your coffee or tea,
buy your underwears or T-shirts, jeans or whatever, search for the label. Support those people work hard and you’ll enjoy the product even more.

And by the way, May 13th is the  #FairTradeDay!

Based on WFTO

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