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Lacrosse nyitoDoing some sport is essential to lead a happy and healthy life. Here comes the story of a sport which should be played for enjoyment, not for money or fame. This  is Lacrosse.

It’s an Iroquois game constructed by the Creator and firstly it was played by animals. 2 teams were formed:

animallacrosseSuddenly the birds noticed 2 four-legged tiny animals who were just watching them enviously from a branch: a mouse and a squirrel. They humbly asked the birds to be allowed to join the game. The small creatures explaned that the 4-legged laughed at them saying were too small for the game.

The birds fekt pity on them so started thinking how they could have been involved in the game. After a while they decided to make some wings for them from the leather of the water drum used in social and ceremonical gatherings. A piece was cut, shaped and attached to the legs of the mouse, creating the bat. But all the leather was used so they started to strech the skin of the squirrel between the front and the hind feet creating the flying squirrel.

When everything was ready they began the game. There was some face-offs between the bear and the eagle, the flying squirrel caught the ball and passed it to the hawk who could keep it in the air for a while. When the ball hit the ground the Hawk kept the ball from the deer. The owl faked to the squirrel and passed to the bat who scored the goal which won the victory for the birds.


Of course, nowadays Lacrosse is played by human but players ask the spirit of these animals to help them.


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