Collective nouns

Try to memorize the following colective nouns and then you can play the game:

The future

Here are some exercises:


[Verse 1: Jamie Oliver] My name is Jamie Oliver, I’m here to say I wanna talk about Food Revolution Day Half the world is starving with too little to eat […]

Christmas Song Contest 3

click here for the song with some exercise:   Baby please come home   All They’re singing deck the halls But it’s not like Christmas at all I remember […]

Christmas Song Contest 2

This is the second song for elementary level students. After listening to this song you always use PRESENT CONTINUOUS in the proper way. Click here for the game: here […]

Christmas Song Contest

Up to Christmas you can find a song with some tasks every day to make preparation more fun.  




In connection with traffic you can find some videos, games, exercises here to widen your vocabulary.

Australia, down there

If you’d like to play some games click on the followings:

Present Simple

Some games:

More words

Some exercises:

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Some exercises can help you out:


Getting around in Tokyo

WITH 882 STATIONS on 14 lines, Tokyo’s amazing subway system is one of the largest — and busiest — in all the world. The system map is a twisted mass of […]


Is there a city which could serve as a model of well organised public transportation system? Sure.  Portland, Oregon. It is  ranked among the best transit cities in the country. Commuters are […]